VHS tapes were never designed to last. Over time, environmental elements will deteriorate the tape inside the cassette, causing a loss of quality. Within decades, your cherished videos will be permanently damaged. Converting VHS to digital not only preserves the video for countless generations, but also makes it easy to share this treasure with friends & family around the world.

Enjoy Video from VHS Tapes, Anytime, Anywhere

Portable digital formats allow you to watch videos on any device, including computers, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. Saving the digital files to a USB flash drive is a stable solution. Even better, save your digital files to the cloud, so you can securely share them online. The best cloud providers allow your videos to stream so you can easily move through hours of memories without downloading.

VHS Tape to Digital MP4

It’s best to transfer analog video from VHS tapes to the digital MP4 format. This portable file will play on any digital device. Heirloom converts VHS to MP4 files at 480p, or Standard Definition (SD). This 720x480 resolution is used by YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming services. As original VHS tape resolution is limited at 480 lines, it’s a waste of resources to convert your tapes to a higher resolution.

Heirloom’s Superior VHS Tape Conversion

We have never transferred VHS to DVD. That cumbersome media is as faulty as the original VHS cassette tape! Heirloom transfers video from VHS tapes directly to cloud storage. This means your digital video is backed up at multiple data centers, ensuring you'll never lose a file. However, you’re also welcome to buy a USB flash drive as the next best alternative to managing your digitized video files.

VHS Tapes Formatted NTSC and PAL

America’s best VHS tape conversion service, Heirloom, understands that your VHS tape may have originated elsewhere. That's why why we convert VHS tapes from the National Television Standards Committee (NTSC) format, and the Phase Alternate Line (PAL) format. We see many NTSC formatted tapes from North America, but also convert your PAL tapes originally formatted in other countries.

VHS to Digital at Heirloom

Our experts label each of your VHS cassette tapes with a unique tracking number. This number becomes the file name from that tape’s converted content. These digital video files are immediately uploaded to your online account, so you can monitor Heirloom’s exceptional quality at any time. This means no waiting to receive a returned DVD or flash drive before starting to enjoy your treasure.

Free VHS Tape Repair

Heirloom repairs mangled or broken tapes hiding within VHS cassettes. Our experts also don’t charge for replacing faulty cassette cartridges in order to play your VHS tape. These “surgeries” are sometimes unsuccessful, so we can make no guarantee to save every faulty tape. However, this level of effort is why Heirloom has been called America’s best VHS tape conversion service. 

Capture of your VHS Tapes

We play your VHS tapes in real time in order to make a complete “1-to-1” capture. This takes from 2 to 8 hours for each tape. Sometimes there are only a few minutes of signal on a VHS tape, so Heirloom cuts out the dead space before and after that video. Because each customer has unique preferences for post-capture production, Heirloom’s VHS tape conversion service performs no other editing.

No Charge for Blank VHS Tapes

Heirloom occasionally finds blank VHS tapes after they’ve run through our digitizing process. With few working VCRs to confirm the contents of each VHS cassette tape, we totally understand how this can happen. Because digitizing orders are paid in advance based on the number of media items, Heirloom issues a transferable credit for each blank VHS tape submitted in an order.

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