Our Vision

Heirloom sees a landscape where past, present, and future data are optimized for maximum utility. We aim to lead as the delightful developer of stunning, secure, and sustainable cloud subscription services, ensuring the perpetuity of priceless information in the digital age. We believe artificial intelligence is best confined to a private network, curating content for countless generations.

The Heirloom Mission

Heirloom provides technology services and subscriptions that safeguard digital assets while empowering seamless collaboration. We're committed to delivering exceptional value through continuous innovation, customer success, and consistent development. By leveraging artificial intelligence within a private network, our clients thrive in an ever-evolving digital ecosystem.

Technology For Good

Veteran-owned small business.

Founded by two US Navy officers.
Our veteran team knows how to serve.
Leverage us to defend your data.

Chief Executive Officer

Geoff Weber, a retired combat veteran, was trained to protect what’s priceless. He’s also grieved over needless loss. Geoff founded Heirloom after too many family memories were destroyed by forgetfulness, fire, and failed media.

Chief Technology Officer

John Rahaghi, formerly at Facebook, is Geoff’s longtime friend and cofounder. Also a retired national security professional, John is seasoned at building secure technologies. They’re now growing a team to steward all of the world’s stories.

Serving consumers, industry, and governments.

Digital transformation of any record.
Enabling artificial intelligence.
Send a Request For Proposal (RFP) to service@heirloom.cloud.