How Digitizing Works

  • Pack an Heirloom box.

    Heirloom boxes include everything.
    Pack whatever fits in your box.
    No need to sort.

  • A UPS truck pulls up to one of 5,000 UPS Stores

    Drop at the UPS Store.

    No waiting, the shipping is paid.
    Receipt for immediate tracking.
    Stores open on weekends.

  • Enjoy memories online.

    Notification when shipment received.
    Pay the customizable invoice.
    Log in to enjoy & share.

Sample digitizing invoice.

Pay unit prices, with no hidden fees.
Approve itemized invoice to start.
Digitizing complete within days!

What do I get?

The safest home for photos & videos.
Unlimited streaming & sharing.
Private network, like the CIA.

Free cloud storage.

Digitizing customers get first year free.
Ongoing plans only $19.99 per year.
Upload & download files anytime.

Friends never pay!

Share memories on Heirloom.
Your friend gets a free account.
Never a cost to receive memories.

Files in a flash!

All files on one USB 3.0 flash drive.
Makes an excellent backup, or gift.
The equivalent of up to 55 DVDs!

Do you return my media?

Yes, but only if you still want it.
Get media returned in a new box.
No cost to recycle your old media.

Select a box to get started.

Each includes all materials & shipping.
Pack whatever fits, no need to sort.
Drop off at any UPS Store.

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