When it comes to transporting your precious materials for digitizing, nothing compares to Heirloom. Our shipping boxes are obsessively designed to ensure the highest level of protection, giving you peace of mind every step of the way. Here’s why the Heirloom standard is considered America’s best shipping box when digitizing your media.

DOT-Approved Design

Heirloom corrugated cardboard boxes are meticulously crafted to meet US Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, ensuring they're secure for transporting delicate media. This superior design means your materials are protected against all the rigors of shipping. Trust Heirloom-designed boxes to safely transport your precious media for digitizing.

Real Time Tracking

Never lose sight of your shipment with real-time tracking from the United Parcel Service (UPS). Heirloom knows exactly when a UPS agent scans the receipt of your box, and tracks your shipment directly to our facility. Use the number on your receipt to track your UPS shipment and know when it will arrive at Heirloom and digitizing can begin.

Inside Addressing

You may notice your Heirloom box comes complete with an additional address label adhered to the inside? In the unlikely event the outside shipping label should become unreadable, UPS agents will open your box to easily determine where to forward your shipment. This secondary system is what the US intelligence community uses for 100% receipt for the transportation of classified materials!

Secondary Containment

Heirloom boxes come with industrial grade plastic bags & zip ties. Secure all your contents, especially loose photographics prints, in these water-proof bags so they never get separated from your shipment. With secondary containment, your archive-quality items remain intact and secure throughout the entire shipping process.

Packing Peanuts

Contents are safest when they're tightly surrounded by packing materials in their shipping boxes. Each Heirloom box is delivered completely full of packing peanuts, so you can use just what's needed to pack any size order into any size box. You can even feel good about discarding any leftover, biodegradable (corn starch) peanuts from Heirloom!

Security Tape

We prioritize the security of your materials with tamper-evident security tape. Seal each Heirloom box with this special tape to clearly indicate if the package has been compromised during transit. This added level of protection helps to deter unauthorized access and ensures that your contents remain secure from the moment they leave your hands until they reach Heirloom for digitizing.

Signature Required

Other than the empty box shipped to you, Heirloom digitizing boxes require a signature upon receipt. This accountability step ensures that your precious shipment is handed directly to the intended recipient, eliminating the risk of porch pirates. Our signature requirement provides an extra layer of verification, confirming that your original materials are delivered as ordered.