Resurrecting Nostalgia: Secrets for Playing Damaged YesVideo DVDs

Do you have a collection of nostalgia stuck on YesVideo DVDs? Did you pay YesVideo to have your old media converted to digital, but now your family memories fail to play? Fear not! This guide will walk you through the art of rescuing those cherished moments. Learn how you might fix the discs & transfer the content to the cloud, ensuring your treasures are not only rescued, but also safely stored for the future.

Assessing DVD Damage

Begin by understanding the extent of the damage. There is nothing you can do to save cracked DVDs, but inspect the other discs for debris or scratches. Simply clean the discs using one of these gentle buffing methods. Then, attempt to access files from those discs using a DVD drive on a desktop computer. Those that still don't work will need to be reconditioned.

Reconditioning DVDs

You'll need to recondition discs that are still unreadable after this buffing. A disc repair machine can do the job if you prefer to do-it-yourself (DIY). Consult professional data companies for the highest quality DVD repair. Some will even transfer the recovered files to a more durable digital solution instead of shipping the discs back to you.

Assess the Disc Content

Plastic media like Compact Discs (CD) and Digital Video Discs (DVD) can contain a wide variety of digital files. Some discs are formatted to automatically play music on a CD player, or video from a DVD player. Other discs contain other files, like digital photos, best manipulated from a computer desktop. Sort these various types of reconditioned discs into one pile for Ripping and another for Copying.

Ripping Your DVD Video

An automatically playing DVD has a series of proprietary files. These need to be converted into one portable digital video file. The MP4 is the most popular, and will play on any modern smartphone or computer. Any DVD-ripping software will guide you through the process of DIY ripping the media you own.

Copying to the Cloud

Take these MP4 files, and the files from the Copying discs, and simply upload the files to your cloud storage account. There are a wide variety of secure cloud platforms, but be sure to use one that allows you to safely share your files with friends & family. With the accessibility & durability of the cloud, now you no longer have to mail out copies of DVDs that don't last!

Written by John Rahaghi

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