Welcome to Heirloom, your trusted partner for preserving precious memories. Our expert photo scanning service ensures your cherished photographs are digitized with the utmost care and quality. Discover the unparalleled benefits of choosing Heirloom for all your photo scanning needs.

Enjoy Photographic Prints, Anytime, Anywhere

By converting your printed photos into digital files, you can easily access, share, and enjoy them. Memories are always at your fingertips with Heirloom. Whether it's a family vacation or a special occasion, your photos will bring joy for generations to come.

Photos to Digital JPG

At Heirloom, we specialize in transforming your physical photos into high-quality digital JPG files at 600 dots per inch (DPI). Our advanced scanning technology captures every detail, ensuring your digital copies are as vivid and beautiful as the originals. Enjoy the convenience and longevity of digital photos without compromising on quality.

Heirloom's Superior Photo Scanning

Heirloom sets the standard in photo scanning services. Instead of creating digital clutter on DVDs, Heirloom transfers your images directly to cloud storage. This means your digital pictures are backed up at multiple data centers, ensuring you'll never lose a file. However, you’re also welcome to buy a USB flash drive as the next best alternative to managing your digitized photos.

All Sizes of Photo Prints

No photo is too big or too small for Heirloom. We accommodate all sizes of photo prints, including wallet-sized snapshots, 5x7, 8x10, and even large format images up to 17 inches. Our flexible scanning solutions ensure that every memory, regardless of its dimensions, is preserved in stunning digital quality.

Capture of Your Photos

Preserving the essence of your physical photos is our top priority. Heirloom does a “1-to-1 capture” of your images ensuring the picture is flat, face-up, and not askew. Because each customer has unique preferences for post-capture production, Heirloom’s photo scanning service does not use any software to digitally edit your pictures.

Best Photo Organization

It’s much faster to organize your digitized images, than flipping through thousands of printed photos. This includes renaming, adding a metadata description, and organizing pictures in different albums. Once organized, it’s easy to share individual images, or entire albums.

Free Sorting of Your Photos

At Heirloom, we understand that organizing your photos can be a daunting task. Therefore, we organize your physical prints by type, size, and volume to facilitate a clean capture of your images. As much as possible, we’ll also maintain any groupings and order of the prints you send us.

Irregular Photo Prints

Over the years, some printed photographs have been mounted in frames, stuck into photo albums, or cut into non-rectangular shapes. Scanning these irregular photo prints can be extremely difficult and cause damage to expensive machinery. Therefore, only rectangular, non-fragile prints, without any attachments or adhesives will be accepted for traditional photo print scanning.

Digital Pictures at Heirloom

Our experts bag and tag each group of up to 100 traditional photo prints with a unique tracking number. The digital photos from each bag are uploaded as one album to your online account. Log in to Heirloom and immediately enjoy your digital photos, even before the order is complete!

There are approximately 100 traditional photo prints per one inch stack.

Photo Scanning for Only $0.39

Heirloom makes it incredibly affordable to scan your photos in groups of 100. Our receiving experts simply measure your photos in one inch stacks, bag & tag each stack, and charge the unbeatable price of $39.99 per bag. Working out to 39 cents each, the cost of Heirloom’s Photo Scanning Service is almost always less than buying a scanner to do it yourself (DIY).

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