Styling Up: How Big Hair Shaped 1980s Fashion Culture

The 1980s was an era marked by bold fashion choices and larger-than-life trends. One of the most iconic aspects of this period was the rise of big hair. In this blog post, we'll explore how big hair became more than just a hairstyle; it evolved into a cultural phenomenon that reshaped the fashion landscape of the '80s.


The Birth of Big Hair

The '80s saw hairstyles that defied gravity”teased, voluminous, and often incorporating copious amounts of hairspray. Big hair wasn't just a style; it was an attitude, a reflection of the 'bigger is better' ethos that defined the decade. It wasn't about just having hair; it was about making a statement.

Influence on Fashion and Pop Culture

Big hair wasn't confined to salons; it made its way into the fabric of pop culture. Music icons like Madonna and bands such as Bon Jovi and Guns N' Roses became synonymous with their larger-than-life hairdos. The TV and movie screens were also graced with characters sporting extravagant, teased hair, further solidifying its status as a cultural symbol.

The Role of Big Hair in Self-Expression

Big hair was more than a mere fashion statement; it was a form of self-expression. It allowed individuals to embody a sense of freedom and self-assuredness. It was a way to stand out, be flamboyant, and express individuality, embodying the '80s spirit of excess and confidence.

Fashion Legacy and Contemporary Resurgence

Although the '80s ended, the legacy of big hair persisted. While the extreme styles of that era may have softened, elements of big hair continue to influence modern hairstyles. Concepts like volume, texture, and even the occasional revival of '80s-inspired looks show that big hair's impact on fashion culture is enduring.

The Evolution of Fashion Ideals

The era of big hair wasn't just a cosmetic trend; it symbolized a cultural shift. It challenged traditional beauty standards, promoting the idea that beauty could come in various forms. The confidence and audacity associated with big hair became part of a broader movement toward self-expression in fashion.


The influence of big hair on 1980s fashion culture was undeniable. It wasn't merely a passing trend; it was a reflection of the exuberance and boldness of an era. The legacy of big hair continues to resonate in contemporary fashion and remains a testament to an era that embraced individuality, self-expression, and the mantra that more was always better. The era of big hair truly shaped an unforgettable chapter in the story of fashion and culture.


Written by Jennifer Jordan

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