Feeling Disconnected?

It's the spring of 1970. Michael is returning home just in time for his daughter's birthday. Little Kim is turning seven years old. The house is decorated with party accessories. The smell of freshly baked chocolate cake wafts through the kitchen. The laughter of a dozen children is heard from the backyard as Kim's friends play tag. The front doorknob turns, and Kim takes off running! An enormous smile spreads across her face the moment she sees her daddy.  Say cheese! calls out Kim's mom, Susan. A flash from the camera brightens the room. A heartwarming candid moment is frozen in time for future generations to enjoy. We'll save this one in the box with birthday photos, Susan declares.


Young Woman Capturing Polaroid Photo

Changing Times

Just a few years ago, this scenario wouldn't be too difficult to imagine. Family and friends traveling in from all around, gathering to celebrate special occasions. It was an everyday occurrence before the pandemic. Now, it's a little bit harder to picture. In a time of social distancing, it can be difficult to feel connected to the ones we love. 


Isolated Older Woman Looking Out the Window


Relive Old Memories

Isolated, many people are now dusting off their boxes of old photos. They're looking through Polaroids, class photos, and old family portraits that bring back powerful memories. These images help us relive those special times. They remind us how we're powerfully connected to each other. Certainly, Kim loves looking through photographs of her birthday party in 1970!


Barriers With Old Media

What about 35mm photo slides? Do you have a working projector to view these? Something to play those 8mm video reels? With some many memories stuck on VHS cassettes, do you still have a working VCR? How hard is it to share these memories with friends and family? Think about a time you wanted to share copies of your precious moments with friends and family. How tedious and expensive is it to do all this work?


Cluttered Pile of Old Physical Media
All kinds of special media vulnerable to a total loss.

Use a Digitizing Service

Digitizing your outdated media makes it easy to stay connected with old memories. Consider turning all your photography into portable JPG files. That way, you can enjoy them on any new digital device and easily send copies to friends and family. Old video? Use a service that converts your 8mm reels, VHS cassettes, and even old Betamax tapes to MP4 files.



Remembering Just Got Easier

Don't let barriers stop you from enjoying your old photos, videos, and other cherished memories. Gone are the days of disconnect! Welcome to an era of connected community through old memories online! Digitize your old media so you can enjoy these memories forever.



Written by Jennifer Jordan

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