Black Friday is Bad For America: Our Business Won't Play

Dear Community,


As we approach the holiday season, I wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts about a phenonenom that's become synonymous with this time of year: Black Friday. At Heirloom, we've been on a journey to build a brand that reflects America's timeless traditions. We value our customers; choosing not to manipulate them with deceptive discounts, an interrupted Thanksgiving, and fear of missing out on our business proposition.

The Dark Side of Discounts

Black Friday, once a symbol of great deals, has transformed into a day of excessive consumerism. We believe that prioritizing discounts over values is bad for consumers. Heirloom customers, around America & local in the Lowcountry, all want the same thing: A quality service at a fair price.

Local Love

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina has given us so much, and we believe in giving back. Opting out of Black Friday is our way of standing with local businesses & valuing community connections over corporate competition. You can shop online looking to save a few bucks, but you'll miss out on speaking with the actual people at Heirloom who process your order.

Sustainability Matters

Black Friday's impact on the environment, from mass production to excess packaging, contradicts the principles we hold dear. To Heirloom, sustainability to means finally preserving any type of media so you can enjoy the memories, for life. By the way, we also responsibly recyle those cluttery old VHS cassettes, tapes, and film once you've digitized them to the cloud.

Fear of Missing Out

Heirloom rejects fabrications of fear. With floods, fires, and disc failures that destroy our cherished memories, the world is already a scrry place. We don't create FOMO just so you spend more money at our business.

Thanksgiving Reclaimed

Black Friday's encroachment on Thanksgiving has become a symbol of misplaced priorities. We're choosing to reclaim the spirit of gratitude and togetherness that defines the holiday. Enjoy time with your family & friends, then come visit our business when you're ready.


Heirloom won't participate in Black Friday discounts. Instead, we invite you to join us in celebrating a more intentional and sustainable holiday season. Let's focus on meaningful connections, mindful consumption, and supporting local businesses that make our community thrive. Wishing you a season of warmth, connection, and conscious choices.



Geoff Weber, CEO

Heirloom Cloud Corporation


Written by Geoff Weber

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