Heirloom offers a groundbreaking service that merges the best features of secure cloud technology and social networking into one seamless application. With Heirloom, you can safely store your files while also controlling how you share and connect with friends and family. Heirloom is America's best solution for managing your digital content and social interactions in one place.

A Private Network for Photos & Videos

Heirloom ensures your privacy by creating a private network for your content. Data is protected with security measures similar to those used by the CIA. This high level of security guarantees that your photos, videos, and other cherished content remain confidential and safe from unauthorized access.

Customized File Permissions

Heirloom allows you to set unique permissions for each file, ensuring that you have complete control over who can access and modify your content. The available permissions are:

  • Viewer: The default permission, allowing recipients to view and enjoy the file without making any changes.
  • Contributor: Can do everything a Viewer can, but also has the ability to reshare the file with the same or lower permission levels.
  • Editor: Best for trusted recipients who help you curate your collection. Editors can reshare, rename, tag, and delete files.

Privacy: Better Than Google and Apple

Heirloom stands out from other cloud storage providers, like Google and Apple, by adhering to a strict no-monitoring policy. We respect your right to privacy, which means we do not monitor your uploads. Your data is yours alone, safeguarded against any third-party interference.

Unmatched Customer Support

Heirloom offers superior customer support through live telephone assistance, surpassing the support services provided by Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox. Speak directly with a knowledgeable agent when you need help. Heirloom's personalized support ensures a smooth and satisfying user experience.

Affordable Lifetime Service

Heirloom offers a lifetime of free access to its application. The Starter plan includes 1 gigabyte (GB) to store the files you own. This free account enjoys unlimited streaming of memories shared to you from other Heirloom accounts.

Upgrade to Bronze, Silver, or Gold

Heirloom has competitive pricing to consolidate all the files you own. Enjoy your new and old memories, all in one place!


Massive Cloud Storage

Lot's of memories? We've got you covered. Our 5 terabyte Platinum plan has enough storage over one million photos or 5,000 hours of streaming video!

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