NAICS Code 518210-04: Media Streaming Data Storage Services

In the world of business and industry classification, NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes play a pivotal role in categorizing and organizing various sectors of the economy. These codes help businesses, researchers, and government agencies to better understand and analyze economic activities. Let's dive into the Extended NAICS Code 518210-04.


Understanding NAICS Code 518210-04

NAICS Code 518210 falls under the Information sector and is specifically focused on services related to data processing, hosting, and other data-related activities. This code encompasses a broad spectrum of services, making it a critical classification for modern businesses that rely on data management and information technology infrastructure. NAICS Code 518210-04 is an extended NAICS code specifically covering Computer Data Storage Services, and in this instance, we will be focusing on a subset of NAICS Code 518210-04; Media Streaming Data Storage Services.


Extended NAICS Codes

Extended NAICS codes are an expansion of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes, which are used to classify economic activities in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. While standard NAICS codes use a 6-digit code system to classify establishments into industries, extended NAICS codes use an 8-digit code system for more specific classification. Extended NAICS codes provide a more detailed breakdown of industries and allow for a more precise categorization of businesses based on their production processes and activities. They are used in various applications, including data analysis, market research, and government reporting.


Media Streaming Data Storage Services

Media Streaming Data Storage Services are professional services offered by companies to store and manage data used in media streaming applications. These services involve storing and organizing large volumes of streaming data, ensuring its availability and accessibility to users. The data storage infrastructure is designed to handle the continuous flow of data from the source to the destination in near real-time. These services often include features such as scalability, data ordering, data consistency, fault tolerance, and data guarantees to ensure the smooth and efficient processing of streaming data. They play a crucial role in supporting media streaming platforms and enabling seamless content delivery to users.


The Significance of NAICS Code 518210-04

Understanding NAICS Code 518210-04 is essential for various stakeholders:



For businesses in the data-driven era, this code is crucial for identifying service providers that specialize in any form of Computer Data Storage and Data Conversion Service which offer a range of services that include cloud storage, data backup, disaster recovery, and archiving. These services are essential for businesses that require secure and reliable storage solutions, typically for third part clients, who need to storage, access, and broadcast large amounts of data on demand. This could include Data Storage/Cloud Storage Centers, Server Farms, Digital Libraries, and HDD/SDD Services.



Researchers and analysts use NAICS codes to study industry trends, conduct market research, and analyze economic data. NAICS Code 518210 helps them focus on the segment of the Information sector dedicated to data services, while the Extended NAICS Code 518210-04 allows them to narrow their research and trend analysis specifically to Computer Data Storage and further to narrow it down to those companies that specialize in Media Streaming Data Storage.


Government Agencies

Government agencies use NAICS codes to collect and report economic data accurately. NAICS Code 518210-04 allows them to track and monitor the growth and health of the Data Storage industry and related service industries, which include those companies who offer Media Streaming Data Storage Services.


Learn More About NAICS Codes

If you're interested in delving deeper into the specifics of NAICS Code 518210, you can find more information on the official NAICS Association website: NAICS Code 518210 and the Standard Industrial Classification Codes (SIC Codes) website for information on the Extended NAICS Code 518210-04.

Written by Geoff Weber

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