Charleston Chronicles: Digitize Photos & Home Movies With Heirloom

Charleston, a city steeped in history and traditions, has always held its memories dear. Families here treasure their moments captured on old photos and home movies. Preserving these memories is vital, yet there's often hesitation about sending these irreplaceable mementos away for digitization. Enter Heirloom in Mount Pleasant, a South Carolina solution offering trusted services for preserving family legacies without shipping originals out of the Lowcountry.

The Value of Local Preservation

Preserving cherished family memories doesn't necessitate sending them across the country. Heirloom, situated within the Harbor Entrepreneur Center at 11 eWall Street in Mount Pleasant, is the epitome of local care for these treasures. Their commitment to serving the community by providing expert digitization services in Charleston, without the risks of shipping originals, sets a new standard in preserving your family's history.

Trust Heirloom in Mount Pleasant

Heirloom founders understand the significance of family legacies, offering professional digitization services right here in the heart of the Lowcountry. With cutting-edge technology and a team dedicated to preserving the authenticity and sentimental value of these cherished memories, families can rest assured that their originals remain close and safe while undergoing the digitization process.

The Benefits of Local Digitization

Preserving family history locally comes with multiple benefits. Families can actively oversee the digitization process, maintain proximity to their originals, and have peace of mind that their memories are in trusted hands. Heirloom's commitment to the community ensures that these cherished moments stay within Charleston, avoiding the risks associated with shipping while embracing advanced technology for preserving these priceless memories.

Heirloom Digitizes All Media

Yes, Heirloom transfers any media to the secure cloud so the whole family can enjoy the memories. This includes VHS cassette tapes, 8mm & Super 8 film reels, scrapbooks, 35mm photo slides, and even memories stuck on old DVDs! There's no need to organize what you have, just bring anything to Heirloom and let them help you sort it out.

Get Started Today

Heirloom is open from 9am to 5pm excepts weekends, federal holidays, and the week between Christmas and the New Year. Just use the Ring doorbell on the northside entrance to 11 eWall Street in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. You can also call/text them at 843-352-3528.


Written by Jennifer Jordan

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