Heirloom Partners with A2C Cloud

Arlington, VA:  Heirloom plans to disrupt consumer disconnectedness.  Built on AWS, the company’s application makes it easy to enjoy photos, videos, and other cherished media from any device.  More than cloud storage, Heirloom supports the entire life cycle with an all-in-one solution to capture, convert, collect, curate, and connect with memories.  Heirloom’s services include the quality digitization of videotapes, Polaroids, and every type of recording, print, and playback media ever used.


Making it fast to find and fully enjoy files across a rapidly scaling network is no easy task.  Heirloom founder, Geoff Weber, struggled with this during his 20-year US government career.  It was only through AWS machine learning that they could manage the ever-increasing volume, velocity, and variety of data.  Now at Heirloom, Weber is thrilled how AWS Rekognition enables users to find a special memory previously trapped in an 8-hour VHS cassette.  “No memory left behind,” says Weber, “is the vision that guides our customer obsession!”


Heirloom partnered with A2C Cloud to build the next version of their production level capability.  A2C will upgrade Heirloom’s data infrastructure to an enterprise-level able to support a network effect of user growth as customers share their old memories with friends and family.  Each memory can be shared with multiple users with permissions that allow for liking, commenting, and resharing of memories in a secured cloud.  Heirloom is betting on the private network model, believing that broadcast social media has failed to deliver the kind of joy consumers actually crave.


Craig Spitzer, the A2C CEO, is excited to partner with the innovative team at Heirloom.  “Heirloom is led by dynamic entrepreneurs with great experience, great vision, and a great plan,” says Spitzer.  A2C Cloud will help Heirloom build the technology to serve everyone who struggles to better connect with their memories, for life.  A2C’s expertise at continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) will empower Heirloom’s growth on AWS for many years to come.

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