Heirloom CEO Shares Artificial Intelligence Expertise at STEMersion

Geoff Weber, the CEO of Heirloom Cloud Corporation, served on the AI discussion panel to educators during STEMersion 2024. The June 17th event, held at Exchange Park in Ladson, SC, was a significant gathering of industry leaders, educators, and technology enthusiasts, focusing on the latest advancements in STEM fields. 

The discussion highlighted innovative applications, potential challenges, and the future trajectory of AI technology in the classrooom. Attendees gained valuable perspectives on how AI can drive progress and enhance efficiency for students, both as consumers and producers of AI-generated products.

Weber brought a wealth of knowledge to the AI panel. His work in industry and decades of expereince serving as a US intelligence officer, provided deep insights into the evolving role of AI. Weber recommended adding curriculum in the fundamentals of logic, reasoning, and data science before attenpting to explain how AI functions.

STEMersion is known for its dedication to fostering STEM education and innovation. The event facilitated meaningful exchanges of ideas and showcased cutting-edge developments in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. For more information about the event, visit the official STEMersion website at https://tricountystemersion.com.

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