From Active Duty to Entrepreneur

Washington, DC:  United States Navy Commander Geoff Weber will shortly retire after 20 years on active duty.  To prepare for a new career after the Navy, Weber is now a part of the SkillBridge program which allows retiring service members to gain valuable civilian work experience in the last days of service to their country.  SkillBridge awards internships into companies like Boeing, General Dynamics, and Amazon so departing service members can make a successful transition to the private sector.  Weber accepted an internship into Heirloom Cloud Corporation, a startup he founded during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to connect families to their memories.

Heirloom ( makes it easy to enjoy all photos, videos, and other cherished media from any device, for life.  The company digitizes old memories into a private network where they can be shared just like new memories.  Weber has preserved millions of customer items this way since creating the technology to better enjoy all the VHS cassettes and shoeboxes of photos previously cluttering his home.  Now with SkillBridge, the Navy affords Weber the opportunity to learn the skills required to become a CEO with a vision of “No memory left behind.”

Weber was born in Buffalo, NY, and graduated from St. Joseph High School in Pittsfield, MA.  He earned a Bachelor’s in Business from the University of Massachusetts and led several enterprises in Tucson, AZ before responding to the 9/11 attacks on America.  Weber earned a commission as an intelligence officer, and later a Master’s in Strategy from the US Naval War College.  He served on ships, survived SEAL combat deployments, and worked from US embassies overseas, most recently with his family as an attaché in Russia.  Weber will retire from the Navy on April 1st, 2022, but anticipates service to millions of families who struggle to connect with their priceless memories, and each other.

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