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Scrapbooks are a great place to curate memories around a common theme. They often contain priceless photographs, handwritten notes, and newspaper clippings. Sometimes they're adorned with colorful artwork and other decorations to make an extra special memory. Convert your paper scrapbooks to digital. Then, share them online with friends and family around the world!



Preserving Priceless

There are several reasons why digital scrapbooking is better than paper scrapbooking. This is not to say an old-time paper scrapbook is not incredibly valuable. Quite the contrary! For generations, families treasure these one-of-a-kind memories. If you're fortunate enough to have been handed down a paper scrapbook, consider preserving it digitally so the memories will never be lost to fires, floods, and storms. You can DIY or consult a professional digitizing company to create a digital PDF copy of your scrapbook.


The icon for a portable document file, or PDF, from Adobe.
Icon for a portable document file (PDF) from Adobe.


Flexibility to Grow

It is very difficult to "insert" a new page in the middle of a bound paper scrapbook, but this is so easy with online technology. Features like copy/paste, cropping, resizing, and other enhancements are much more difficult using paper scrapbooks.  Digital tools offer the flexibility to rapidly curate your memories without any of the mess of paints, scissors, or glue. Best yet, there's no expensive software to purchase with a good subscription service. Did you make a mistake or glue something incorrectly or rip the photo trying to remove it? These are all common mishaps of the paper scrapbook. By converting your photos to JPG, you can interchange photos without the fear of damaging them. If you make a mistake you can simply delete it and start over or change what was added incorrectly.


It's difficult to insert newly found photos chronologically into a paper scrapbook.


Access from Anywhere

Many of these scrapbooks are collecting dust on a bookshelf in one person's home. Because it's physical, the paper scrapbook can only be enjoyed from one location at a time. Indeed, multiple people can enjoy the scrapbook when they visit the owner's residence, but access is often difficult, especially as families reside in multiple regions of the world. Make sections in your digital scrapbook to include video like weddings, a baby's first steps, and other enjoyable life events. Convert physical video media to MP4 to insert them into your online digital scrapbook.


It's just not practical to share the contents of most physical media.


Variety for Everyone

A paper scrapbook is limited to physical items and lacks the ability to include a variety of media, like audio. Favorite songs? That special voicemail you saved? Your child's music recital? Convert all this audio to MP3 audio files and place them in your digital scrapbook on the cloud. Only a digital scrapbook provides the opportunity to include these non-physical items. It's also easy to use one memory in multiple digital albums at the same time.


Audio memories belong in your digital scrapbook.


No Software Required

Paper scrapbooks run out of space, but digital storage options are nearly unlimited. You may quickly exceed the storage capacity of a DVD, another external device, or your personal desktop, but no one has ever exceeded the storage capacity of the commercial cloud!  No more filling up bookcases or boxes. Maintain your files in online folders and exchange them with friends and family using smart permissions. A digital scrapbook can be shared with an unlimited number of people, at any location, at any time.


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Written by Geoff Weber

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