Our Beliefs

Heirloom loves celebrating life. We’re grateful for the joy of viewing old photos and discovering the resemblance of your child to a distant relative. Recalling youthful video memories, reading through handwritten letters from ancestors overseas, or replaying an historic voicemail, we believe these articles are heirlooms to be treasured and shared.
But these life memories are often left to chance. Barriers come between us, our heirlooms, and enjoying them with loved ones. Outdated film, unwieldy clutter, arduous searching, and proprietary systems are hassles for many. For some, fire, flood, or other disaster leads to a total loss of family history.
Heirloom believes life can be more joyful. Conversion of your media to a portable and shareable digital format produces a copy of your heirlooms that will last forever. Storing on our secure cloud makes these life files accessible to you and your guests from any device. Heirloom.CLOUD makes it all possible. Life, digitally curated™.