Manually Fed Documents

We manually scan one of a kind documents to digital! Each document up to 11” x 17” in size is transferred to a digital “.PDF” file from a high quality flatbed scanner. We take great care to preserve your heirlooms so you can make a digital scrapbook, even coding with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) so you can digitally search for words within the document. We digitize according to the recommendations of the Portable Digital Format Association in resolutions of 300 or 600 dots per inch (dpi). With 600dpi being the most popular for this product, we default your order to this resolution unless you advise us otherwise when confirming your order estimate.

Current Unit Prices
Item Quantity Unit Price Unit
Manual Document to PDF at 300dpi 0 - 0.59 Per Side
Manual Document to PDF at 600dpi 0 - 0.69 Per Side
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