Our Smart Process

Get a free media bin. Choose between small (10”x10”x5”) or large (18”x12”x6”) media bins. Each is loaded with packing materials and a custom FEDEX label for return to Heirloom.

Fill with old media. Place the materials you want converted into the bin. Take a digital picture of the contents, then secure for shipping.

Click for pickup. Click on an email link to login to Heirloom and upload the photo. Then, choose (1) a date for pickup from home, (2) a date / location for pickup at an alternate address, or (3) to notify of drop off at a staffed FEDEX location.

Confirm the estimate. Upon receipt at Heirloom, you will receive an estimate of your product quantities and total cost of the order. Making an adjustment is easy, like changing the default resolution of loose photos from 600dpi to 300dpi for a lower price.

Approve samples online. Once digitization is complete, you’ll receive an email to approve the quality of our work.

Pay if satisfied. Only if you approve of our quality and pricing will you be prompted to secure pay by credit card. If we cannot make your order right, we’ll return your original documents and you’ll pay nothing.

View from anywhere. Your files are accessible on the Heirloom cloud. View or download your files from any internet connected device.

Receive USB backup. A backup USB drive containing all your files will be shipped with the return of your old media.

Relax. You have now converted your old media to a safe and shareable format.