Features and Benefits

Insured For Loss

Your homeowners policy will not cover any loss to your precious heirlooms. However, Heirloom has developed a process so secure, your media is safer with us than in your own home. Because of this, once your container of media is received by FEDEX, our underwriter covers any loss for up to $1 million.

Try Before You Buy

You only pay if you like our service. If for some reason you feel we haven’t lived up to our promise, you simply complete a five-minute survey so we learn how to improve our offering in the future. Then, we’ll return all original materials to your home and you will have paid nothing. Never a charge, no messing with a credit card refund.

USB & Cloud

Data redundancy provides peace of mind. The Heirloom cloud is certified to be 99.999999999% (that’s 11 nines) durable, meaning shareable access to your files is practically perfect from any internet-enabled device. However, we still provide you with a USB drive of all your files so you can easily copy to multiple locations or store in a safe.